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  1. Trump blames earpiece, immigrants, stupid voters, etc. The man takes NO responsibility. What about that is likable or worthy of respect?

  2. Every so often I totally give up on humans and am glad the world is full of animals instead. Heck, even plants are more pleasant.

  3. This is a beetle. Nature is amazing. RT : The Ceratocanthus beetle's incredible transformation!

  4. So can we call Trump a fascist NOW? He’s quoting goddamned Mussolini!

  5. Building a Annotated Bibliography

  6. I’m going to overlook the fact that the dog wipes his face on the rug after he eats.

  7. Teared up at the “Starman” moment in The Martian. :’-(

  8. So, I’m writing a book. It’s very hard. It’s taking years. I suspect it will never be done. But, yeah.

  9. Retweeted

    Court in Saudi Arabia sentences man to 10 years in prison and 2,000 lashes for expressing his atheism:

  10. This was pretty spot on. Dear Trump Fan, So You Want Someone To 'Tell It Like It Is'? OK, Here You Go.

  11. Teacher made a snide remark about us parents being “scientists” and nonreligious. *sharpens claws*

  12. I love the way Christians say they are persecuted... My kid was singled out in class by her teacher for NOT celebrating Easter.

  13. Stupid is trending. "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

  14. How is that the stupidest people in the world are also the most apt to comment on Daily Mail posts via Facebook? (oops, answered myself)

  15. The GOP in two perfect words:

  16. This was a good laugh! Five ways conductivity data met an untimely demise via

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