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Elijah Jefferson Bond (January 23, 1847 - April 14, 1921[1]) was an American lawyer and inventor.


Although he invented and patented items, including a steam boiler, he is best remembered for patenting what became known as the Ouija Board. He filed for a United States patent on May 28, 1890. Charles W. Kennard and William H. A. Maupin were listed as assignees. The patent was granted on February 10, 1891.[2]

By 1907 Bond had relocated to West Virginia where he registered a trademark on the word "Nirvana" on June 18, 1907. The mark incorporated a swastika as its logo and the company which produced these boards was named The Swastika Novelty Company.[3]


Bond died at age 74, and is buried in Baltimore, Maryland's Green Mount Cemetery, beneath a marker that resembles a Ouija board.[4]



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