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  1. . Thanks for educating me about in ep. #8. I had no idea this existed. Clever trick people should be aware can happen.

  2. . do you have an official stance on if "context aware" merging should be in git? Git merge breaks notebook cuz

  3. Can ppl help me? I want to understand what "analytic functions" are useful for. Seems like a stepping stone to a bigger problem. What?

  4. I just backed Relatively Prime: Season 3 on

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    The of firing your Coach- teams win more after the fact! Here's the story

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    . Reproducibility is king. The responsible thing to do is publish a your findings, no? Let discussion occur.

  7. Going to kick off a live chat in 30 minutes on the Data Skeptic home sales data community project. Join us!

  8. Solved your problem with regular expressions? Congrats, now you have 2 problems. HAHA! Great read from

  9. I just realized Back to the Future day came and went and no one pointed out how far behind weather forecasting is :)

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    RETWEET TO SPREAD THE WORD: Nationwide rallies to fight FBI attempt to backdoor the iPhone

  11. Is there a post on the rationale of deprecating sort for sort_values in ? I get merging series.sort & df.sort. Why rename?

  12. In today's ep: Uses of Multiple Regression on house prices and complications in doing it

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    . I'm not aware of anyone putting my suggestion into use but I'm eager to have discussions with people who might.

  14. A great use of 6.633 minutes of your time: Andrew Ng – Challenges of Deep Learning via

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    • @jhamrick

      Bayesian, pythonista, cognitive scientist, feminist. IPython and Jupyter, too.

  16. I'm sad I won't be able to drive up to Berkeley tonight to see 's talk for the .

  17. . I'd love to see the team have a crack at improving the suggestions they make for people to endorse.

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    . I have same issue. I notice LinkedIn makes odd "would you endorse..." suggestions. I removed some older skills on my profile

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