Believe What You Like

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Believe What You Like
Believe What You Like.jpg
Book cover
Author C. H. Rolph
Country Great Britain
Language English
Subject Mental health, Scientology
Genre Non-fiction
Publisher Andre Deutsch Limited
Publication date
ISBN 0-233-96375-8
OCLC 815558
LC Class BP605.S2 H47

Believe What You Like: What happened between the Scientologists and the National Association for Mental Health (Andre Deutsch Limited, 1973, ISBN 0-233-96375-8), written by the New Statesman director C. R. Hewitt under the pen name C. H. Rolph, details a public dispute between the Church of Scientology and the National Association for Mental Health (now known as Mind) in Britain.

Main points[edit]

The book covers the controversy of how, starting in 1969, members of the Church joined the NAMH in large numbers with the intent to change the organization from the inside. The Scientologists attempted to ratify as official policy a number of points concerning the treatment of psychiatric patients, and in so doing, secretly promoted Scientology's anti-psychiatry agenda. When their identity was realized, the Scientologists were expelled from the organization en masse, but later sued the NAMH over the matter in the High Court in 1971 and lost. The case was important in UK charity law.

The book also covers the origins and activities of the Church of Scientology in the UK and some of their other legal actions in the UK around that time, including:

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