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    Lol, this mess is a legit fibonacci sequence. 😂

  2. A male poison dart frog carries newly-hatched tadpoles to a hidden water source. (via )

  3. So, smart phones and dogs are pretty much the same. (via )

  4. Hope you had a nice Sunday run! (via )

  5. Let's not forget the fun of exploring the unknown, changing the world... Science really DOES have it all.

  6. The anticipation is driving us CRAZY. (via )

  7. when your outfit is on point. (via )

  8. What separates us from other animals. (via )

  9. when you're trying to reach young people... (via )

  10. *bad dum ssshhhh* Joke source:

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    When you face swap with Mitch's fan art!

  12. Chocolate pudding. Definitely gon eat chocolate pudding. (via )

  13. when your strawberries go through mitosis. (via )

  14. is so good this week! Thank you! PLEASE SEND US MORE STUFF:

  15. Algebraic identity issues. (via )

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