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Nonsense You Can Believe In! Emery and Heather Henderson talk with comedians, actors and friends about atheism, deism and the effects of religion on us all.

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    Are the GOP delegates punking the GOP by voting for Trump?

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    Of course voters sick of politicians who're in the pockets of billionaires support . They're just cutting out the middleman.

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    Let's get this white, male, cisgender mechsogynistic, human robot bully fired!

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    On super Tuesday I invite you all to join me in voting for . After he loses, check back here to see which asshole I endorse next.

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    The Oscars are so white because it's the guy who makes it to the credits without getting shot who gets nominated.

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    Being ignorant of the plight of women, or blacks, or transsexuals is not an ism. Not understanding, does not make someone evil.

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    Calling someone transphobic for using the word "tranny" is knowledge shaming, you ignorophobe!

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    The GOP field started with 17 CONTESTANTS. Now it's down to four with the reality star in the lead. "Who Wants To Elect A Millionaire?"

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    I can't say who, but I know 's speech writer and I talked him out of one of his speeches.

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    There are more undocumented Asians than undocumented Mexicans in the US. The Wall of China had no effect. WallsDontWork

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    So does this means god killed so a reality star could choose the next nominee? What say you, ?

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    The Bible thumper that threatened me is at my Starbucks today. Who wants to meet me for coffee to loudly discuss the folly of religion?

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    If you buy into the "punching up", trope are you saying that the only people who should be doing standup comedy are midgets?

  14. Join us RIGHT NOW on w/ & Jimmy Palombi! WATCH & CHAT:

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    My response to the news that Gateway To Reason had disinvited me.

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    I dumped my PZM stocks in '08 just before the bubble and avoided the eight year bull trend and bottom picking.

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    Once again, pounds out another great and enlightening video.

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    Again, , perfect sets to verse, that which we all feel and Cardinal Pell.

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    When a joke aimed at a personal friend who understands my sense of humor and intent offends strangers, I say:

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