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Summary: People sing about how they love the world.


Music in the commercial

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Lyrics used in the commercial

I love the mountains
I love the clear blue skies
I love big bridges
I love when great whites fly
I love the whole world [Les Stroud]
And all its sights and sounds
Boom-dee-ah-da, boom-dee-ah-da
Boom-dee-ah-da, boom-dee-ah-da
I love the oceans
I love real dirty things [Mike Rowe]
I love to go fast
I love Egyptian kings
I love the whole world
And all its craziness
Boom-dee-ah-da, boom-dee-ah-da
Boom-dee-ah-da, boom-dee-ah-da [Richard Machowicz]
I love tornadoes [Joshua Wurman]
I love arachnids [Bear Grylls]
I love hot magma
I love the giant squids
I love the whole world
It's such a brilliant place
Boom-dee-ah-da, boom-dee-ah-da [Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage]
Boom-dee-ah-da, boom-dee-ah-da [Stephen Hawking]
Boom-dee-ah-da, boom-dee-ah-da
Boom-dee-ah-da, boom-dee-ah-da
Boom-dee-ah-da, boom-dee-ah-da

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The song in the commercial is based off this traditional campfire song. Susie Tallman has done one rendition of it.


In outer space, two astronauts look at the earth. "It never gets old, huh." "Nope." "It kinda makes you wanna..." "Break into song?" "Yep."

As they start to sing, people from all over sing different lines, the different people representing Discovery Channel shows.




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headpantsnow 08/19/2009 at 04:47 PM
I know exactly what your talking about in Chilliwack. i cant help you tho but wanted you to know yuo werent seeing things!!!
Ricky 09/27/2008 at 08:11 AM
Can anyone tell me where to find the one that its just like this one, but Adam from Mythbusters says "I love to try stuff" and the guy from Daily planet, and the guy from cash cab are there? i just don't seem to find it, and i like that one much better than this one. I actually watched it on tv, and the one posted in this website doesn't air here... i live in Vancouver Canadda, so it might be a region thing... but if you guys can help me find it, it would mean alot to me. Thanks

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