Solomon Wickey, Amish faith healer, dies

Accused of practicing medicine without a license, the long-time faith healer relied on God and some herbs.

Faith healer Solomon Wickey dies at 75 | The Journal Gazette.

For more than three decades Solomon Wickey sat his ailing clients down, gazed into their eyes or maybe touched them to gauge their health. Faith, he maintained, was the cure.

A member of the Old Order Amish with no medical degree to back him, Wickey attracted a worldwide following out of his rural DeKalb County clinic. He said he sometimes saw 200 people a day.

“God does the healing,” he told The Journal Gazette last year. “If it wouldn’t be for Jesus Christ we couldn’t heal nothing.”

The longtime faith healer died early Monday afternoon. The DeKalb County Health Department confirmed his death but could not provide details. He was 75, according to his obituary.

The Indiana attorney general once filed a civil complaint against Wickey for practicing medicine without a license. He claimed it was only nutritional counseling (via the Bible) and he did not charge for his services. This article from that time period shows that he was little different from the “empathetic” homeopaths and naturopaths of today. There is no way to tell how many people were harmed from taking his advice to medicate with herbs instead of modern medicine. But he’s gone now. There are, sadly, many who take his place to woo the gullible.

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  1. August 7, 2013 at 5:20 AM

    Faith healers are usually bad news but they may produce positive results. When it is possible all animals, including humans, cure themselves. Our bodies have evolved for survival. The Placebo Effect is also real, as much illness is not physical or has a non-physical component.

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