10 Amazing Tricks to Play with your Brain

Mind is the aspect of intellect and consciousness experienced as combinations of thought, perception, memory, emotion, will and imagination, including all unconscious cognitive processes. Mind manifests itself subjectively as a stream of consciousness. Neuroanatomists usually consider the brain to be the pivotal unit of what we refer to as mind. The Human Brain tricks us whenever it can. You don’t actually see what it is in real or you don’t even actually hear or smell the way it should be. Here is the time to play trick with the human brain. I assure here, trying them is completely safe.


10. Ganzfeld Procedure

Ganzfeld Procedure
At first this might sound like a bad practical joke. Begin by tuning a radio to a station playing static. Then lie down on a couch and tape a pair of halved ping pong ballsover your eyes. Within minutes you should begin to experience a bizzare set of sensory distortions.
Some people see horses prancing in the clouds or hear the voice of a dead relative. It turns out that the mind is addicted to sensation so that when there’s little to sense (that’s the purpose of ping pong balls and static) your brain ends up inventing its own.
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9. Shrink your Pain

Shrink your Pain
In case you experience an injury, then see the injured part with an inverted binoculars, soon your pain will seem to be decreasing in its magnitude.

Recently, a reasearch at Oxford University has lead to the discovery of a new pain killer – the inverted binoculars. The scientists demonstrated that the subjects who looked at their wounded hands through wrong end of the binoculars, making the hand appear smaller, experienced significantly less pain and decreased swelling. According to the researchers, this demonstrates that even basic bodily sensations such as pain are modulated by what we see. So next time if you stub your toe or cut a finger, do yourself a favour, look away!

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8. Confuse your Proprioreception

Confuse your Proprioreception
This requires two chairs and a blind fold. The person wearing the blindfold should sit in the rear chair, staring at the back of the person sitting in the front. The blindfolded person then reach around and place his hand on the nose of the other person. At the same time he should place his other hand on his own nose and begin gently stroking both noses. After about 1 minute, more than 50% of the subjects report their nose as incredibly long. Therefore this is called Pinocchio’s Effect.

The Pinocchio effect  is an illusion that ones nose is growing longer, as happened to the literary character, Pinocchio when he told a lie. It is an illusion of proprioception, reviewed by Lackner (1988).

To explain the effect the other way, a vibrator is applied to the biceps tendon while one holds one’s nose with the hand of that arm. The vibrator stimulates muscle spindles in the biceps that would normally be stimulated by the muscle’s stretching, creating a kinesthetic illusion that the arm is moving away from the face. Because the fingers holding the nose are still giving tactile information of being in contact with the nose, it appears that the nose is moving away from the face too, in a form of perceptual capture. Similar phenomenon happens using the blindfolded method.


7. Confuse your Mindedness

Confuse your Mindedness
Lift your right foot a few inches from the floor and then begin to move it in a clockwise direction. While you’re doing this, use a finger your right index finger to draw a number 6 in the air. Your foot will turn in an anticlockwise direction and there’s nothing you can do about it!

The left side of your brain, which controls the right side of your body, is responsible for rhythm and timing. The left side of your brain cannot deal with operating two opposite movements at the same time and so it combines them into a single motion.

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6. Confuse your Hearing

Confuse your Hearing
This can be performed with three people, one being subject and other two objects/ observers and we also need a headset connected to routine plastic pipes on the either side. Ask the subject to sit on a chair equidisant between you and the second observer. Now each one of you hold the pipes from the headset on the corresponding sides and one by one speak into the pipes. The subject will rightly tell the direction of the sound. Now exchange the pipes and repeat voicing into the pipes. The subject’s brain will get confused and he’ll point in the opposite direction of sound.

Sound localization is a listener’s ability to identify the location or origin of a detected sound in direction and distance or the methods in acoustical engineering to simulate the placement of an auditory cue in a virtual 3D space. The human auditory system has only limited possibilities to determine the distance of a sound source, mainly based on inter-aural time differences, exchanging the pipes would cause perception by the opposite sided neurons in the brain only and thus the subject will not be able to localize the sound.


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139 thoughts on “10 Amazing Tricks to Play with your Brain

  1. pretty cool. As for number 7, I can move different limbs in opposite directions. Probably a result of training from karate where we would attempt to spin one arm forward and the other back. it’s not easy, but i can do it. perhaps I’ve just trained myself to be able to. shrugs.

  2. Awesome ! Tried some, results are amazing. I liked especially the rotating woman figure, when reading text under it I realized it had begun turning CCW….

  3. Interesting post!

    I never got the “under 20” tone thing. I’m 30 years old and I’ve been to nightclubs with pounding music, I’ve also been to several rock shows. It would seem that I, if anyone, should NOT be able to hear this, yet I hear it immediately as a very high pitched whine of a tone. I would be annoyed as hell if a student was using that in my class, to get one over on me.

    Also is that Rick Astley I see? haha

  4. The spinning girl illusion can be helped along by moving a hand in front of one eye for about 0.25 seconds.
    Switches direction roughly 50% of the time.

  5. Follow up: Also, looking at the image of the spinning girl with one eye only results in seemingly random shifts of direction.

  6. Great stuff. As for number 7 I think that years of training in martial arts and music playing on a drum set has left me with the ability to separate (someone would say syncopate) the movements of my arms, hands feet and legs.

  7. Here’s a tip to make the rotating woman switch back and forth:

    look at her leg that’s lifted in the air and then blink when it starts to move away from her body on either the right or left side; you can make her switch directions instantly!

    I found that the woman switched directions when I would read the text underneath the picture. Then I realized my brain was taking cues from the extended leg in relation to the central axis and the following movement to determine which way she was “spinning”. So I tried focusing on her foot and blinking when her body would be turned “sideways” to the screen and it would switch immediately…it was pretty cool. have fun!

  8. As people get older they lose the ability to hear higher pitched sounds. As people get older they lose the ability to hear higher pitched sounds –

    No one scales the walls of Rome; no one scales the walls of Rome; no one scales the walls of Rome…

  9. hey advait, even i thought it was a gif spinning the girl in another direction after a certain interval.

    so to find out i saved the image and opened it in Adobe ImageReady. I saw each and every frame. The 34-frame animation (0.03 secs pause for each frame) is clearly spinning the girl in just one direction.

    once i was sure about this i again tried hard to experience the illusion and was really thrilled to have witnessed it. now i have trained my brain so much that within few seconds i can make her spin the way i want. and trust me, am not lying.

    its an amazing illusion.

  10. Can anyone else see the spinning girl as a 2d object? If I concentrate, I can see the toes of the foot move into each other and come out the other side. It’s kind of trippy.

  11. If I stare at the text below the spinning girl I can get her to switch direction on demand and make it to appear as though she is just bouncing her foot back and forth from left-to-right.

  12. If I stare at the text below the spinning girl I can get her to switch direction when her foot reaches each side and make it to appear as though she is just bouncing her foot back and forth from left-to-right.

  13. I think I can make her change directions in my head by changing which side of my brain I’m using. If I start doing long multiplication in my head, she’ll start to turn clockwise. If I start replaying a symphony or imagining floating swatches of color in my head, she turns counter. Has worked without fail, try it!

  14. Satish is right.
    Using your finger to help your brain, you can choose or control the direction the girl is spinning.
    It’s really amazing. You can CONTROL IT. Just try.
    Watch the gif while move your finger in the opposite direction in front of your eyes. CLOSE YOUR EYES, and in 50% percent of cases it works.

  15. I’m 28 and I can still hear the 18kHz sound, I remember being able to hear higher sounds than my dad since I was 4. I’ve gotten annoyed and asked people to stop using dog wistles around me too.

  16. I don’t know if any of you saw it, you probably did…but the negative illusion #2….we all got rick rolled….but not really…but rick rolled…cheeky.

  17. About the 18kHz sound… At 29 I can (barely) still hear it. Older CRT televisions emit a sound at about the same frequency; I’m curious as to whether there’s a correlation between a person’s ability to hear the sound and the amount of said person’s life spent sitting in front of a TV. When I was young I noticed that neither of my parents could tell if the TV was on (without audio or video), while I could hear it from across the house.
    The ringing in my ears that I experience after too much loud music also seems to have about the same frequency.

  18. This is not fake at all.

    Just watch the spinning girl with a friend or two and you will see that you watch her spin different ways.

    After a couple of minutes you will learn to control the direction with a blink of your eyes 😉

  19. no way its fake… i worked it out how to spin it in different direction, helps to imagine if one leg is in front and other is behind it, when spinning in other direction, another leg will be in front…

  20. I love the spinning girl one. I have a really hard time getting it to change directions, but it when I do it’s really exciting (It took me over half an hour of watching it with friends the first time). If you look at it though, you can tell that it’s supposed to be spinning counter clockwise. In the shadow, you can only see the foot when the leg is moving from right to left, which means that the foot is further when the foot is moving from right to left. You can’t see the foot in the shadow when it’s moving from left to right, which means it’s closer.

  21. I never knew the blinking trick. I tried it and it worked. Thanks for that. I usually just will it. Some other ones that work are staring at the feet, crossing your arms, and doing logic and visualization alternatively.

  22. OK, the spinning woman changes directions on your own lol
    there’s no trick. It is literally changing directions. You’re supposed to think that you’re looking at her differently.
    It’s not even close to an optical illusion.

  23. I’m 19 and i can’t hear it. :(
    i hope you remembered to turn your speakers back down. wouldn’t have gotten a very nice surprise later.

  24. If the foot touching the ground is perceived to be the left foot, the dancer appears to be spinning clockwise (if seen from above); if it is taken to be the right foot, then she appears to be spinning counterclockwise.

  25. I initially saw the girl spinning clockwise. While spinning clockwise if I looked to the top left of the screen with the girl slightly out of my focus she would change direction to counter clockwise. If I looked to the bottom right while spinning counter clockwise she would change direction to clockwise.

  26. If you look only at her feet & the shadow cast by the “orbiting” foot — logically she can only be spinning in one direction: counterclockwise (from above), with her left foot casting the “orbiting” shadow. However she spins clockwise for me viewing her in general (even when the counterclockwise “orbiting” shadow is visible).

  27. Joe D: I also thought I saw Rick Astley. I wasn’t sure what or who I was suppose to see but after trying it a couple of times, I saw Rick Astley every time. I truly hope there’s no psychoanalysis of those who see Rick Astley’s image after doing the test.

    #7 – I’ve tried number 7 and it’s freaky. Amazing what your mind can and can not do.

    #5 is very strange but fascinating nonetheless.

    #1 – I only see the girl spinning clockwise. I’ve tried to read the text below her, staring at her, etc. but it does not start turning counter-clockwise.

  28. For the spining girl. To switch from clockwise to the oposit, u have to focus on the leg and if you think its the left leg, it will turn to a way, but if you think it’s the right leg, it will just switch to the other direction.

    This is the trick. 2 min to unerstand this.
    With practice, you can make her switch then switch again, forever. so you’ll not see her spin anymore :-p

  29. The dancer for #1. At first I could only imagine CCW, and then when i read for 3 seconds and looked back it was CW. So I sat here staring at it, and I can now change it whichever way I want at any time I want. It really messed with my perception for a couple minutes.

  30. The trick to the spinning girl is to watch the shadow that the front foot produces. When the shadow is visible she will turn <<>> you can make her turn right to left and never spin.

  31. I’m 67 years old, and I can hear the 18khz tone. Had to turn the volume up to a setting which, if normal music, would have been rather too loud, and I heard a faint high whining sound.

  32. I fail to see how the woman can possibly be spinning anything but clockwise (clockwise if looking from above). Can someone explain it to me? 1) Light source behind her and above (because the side facing us is in shade and we can see her shadow). Therefore the right leg would only make a shadow when it is near the viewer. We can tell which arms and legs are left and right by the thumbs and the shape of the feet. Time 0: we must be looking at her front because her right hand is to our left. Time 1: we must be looking at her left side because her breasts are toe the left. Time 2: we must be looking at her back because her left hand is to our left. Time 3: we must be looking at her right side because her breasts are to the right. How can that possibly be turning counterclockwise if we were looking from above?

  33. Number 1 (the spinning lady) was the oddest thing. At first it took me about 2 minutes to make her change direction. Then it became quicker and i was able to make her change direction within a few seconds of wanting her too. That worked for about 5 minutes and got easier and easier each time i did so.
    Then suddenly i lost control of her and she kept changing direction every few seconds when i tried to keep her going in one direction and i felt like she/it was disobeying me. Very very odd…

  34. Ok I’m 23 so I assumed I wouldn’t be able to hear it and so I put my ears near my laptop… but then I did hear it. AND IT WAS HORRIBLE. PAINFUL, even. It stunned me and made me jump backwards, why would anyone ever want to be able to hear it?? Never doing that again!!

  35. Hi Sohail.. U can see the Spinning Girl in both clock wise and counter clockwise. Just see continuously for more than 50 sec. I can see it spinning both directions.
    As Maverick said he can now see spinning in clock wise or anti clockwise direction as per his wish.
    Till now I am able to see the direction change after a Certain Interval, but not able to switch direction as per my will.

  36. Ya . The spinning can be seen in both directions. I saw initially the direction change after certain time. I can now change the direction as per my will. Anyway nice optical illusion.

  37. try staring harder at any corner, dont focus on d spinning girl… it will turn counter-clockwise. i made it turn counter-clockwise with just one try

  38. Yes, I can do the same thing. In fact, I can totally do what he describes as impossible in this article. I’ve spent several years in the martial arts too. I’m sure there are many others that can as well. With training, you can move your body parts in opposite directions and even independent of other limbs. Some people have even been known to write with both hands in different languages at the same time. It’s just that most people cannot accomplish such feats without training and practice.

    When I was a kid, I couldn’t pat my head, rub my stomach, and hop on one leg at the same time. Well, not at first. After some practice, I found it was quite easy though. Heck, there are lots of things that are difficult at first. Playing a musical instrument seems impossible the first time you pick one up. With training, it becomes second nature.

  39. Hahahaha ok I hate that sound so much, it’s like the sound that the TV makes when it gets turned on.

    I can do that spin foot and draw a 6 thing :s but I guess it’s more like tricking rather than really doing it? I dont know, I just concentrate on my foot spinning and randomly draw the 6 without focusing on it too much lol I’m a little nervous to try that dark room one XD

  40. To make the girl change directions, cover her whole body except the tip of her head. Then picture spinning the way u want and remove ur hand. Voilà!

  41. I’m 24 years old, have been to several shows myself (I know my ears are slightly damaged as well) and can still just barely hear it, my brain tunes in n out on it…

  42. Wow on the spinning girl i found a way to break the illusion (atleast for me). I look away from the screen but still see the spinning girl ( note that you should no way focus on her) then i imagine her spinning the other way and with a bit of luck before she does a half turn i magine her sping back the way she was spinning before and suddenly i notcied that she wasnt spinning at all but going back and forth but when i focused on the movent the illusion came back and she started spinning. And in the high pitched tone one where u must hear the high sounds, for me the sound keeps coming and going…… Fun tricks on this site xD…..

  43. no one mentioned drummers. Drummers should have no problem with that one at all.
    I’m a very amateur on the drummers but I play guitar and bass. I also have trained in martial arts for 4+ years. Did it with both sides. Not even a challenge.

  44. I liked #3 the sound wave one really amazing and nice option for teenagers.

  45. Hi,

    These are awesome.
    If I had them, I’d like to try the one of the ping pong balls and radio.
    The one with the face on the wall is similar to that old one with Jesus.


  46. about number 1 silhouette, i see it spins in both ways :) and the face on the wall, i dont like Archuleta but i must admit it looks really like him!

    I like your posts :)

  47. Okay, I’m sure it’s not all that norm. for #10 to be scary, but I’ve tried something similar before… Scary pictures and sounds present themselves…….. Maybe I just watch too many scary movies?

  48. 1. Find a very smooth/glossy surface. (e.g. a new school desk)
    2. Get an A4 sheet of paper.
    3. Find someone and blindfold them.
    4. Put the sheet of paper on the surface.
    5. Place the blindfolded person’s pointing finger on the sheet.
    6. Tell them that the desk is covered with oil and tell them to move around their finger along the desk.
    They will be surprised when they take off their blindfold! 😛

  49. I can still hear that “under 20” sound and I’m 26. I have a friend my age who can hear it, and she teaches High school. She can hear her students using the ringtone, but the other teachers can’t.

    The spinning illusion I can get to go both ways, but the shadow I can only see going counterclockwise. So it gets weird for me when I see the image go one way, but the shadow rotates in the opposite way.

  50. About nr.7:

    It is possible to do it if you do the rotation with the foot w/o lifting it. At least i could.

  51. I see lots of people figured out tricks to consistently switch the spinning girl on command… Here’s mine:

    Focus on the central foot. If you imagine you’re seeing either the top or the bottom view of the foot, the rotation will switch. Problem solve!

  52. I loved this post!
    Could anyone else see the dancer animation just shift from side to side without actually turning? At first I saw it going clockwise then with concentration counter-clockwise, then by the end of looking at it for a fair while I could just see her leg swaying from side to side not actually turning.
    Also With the the Man in the photo of the second one: Photoreception, I could see his image for ages afterwards. Could anyone else.

    Lol Lots of fun please keep updating. :)

  53. I am 29 and I can hear the sound :). My dog also did he was sleeping but when I turned the player on he jumped so high and started looking at the screen trying to figure out where it was coming from

  54. Most people don’t need to go to the lengths described to experience the Ganzfeld effect. Next time you are in bed at night, if the room is dark (turn off whatever lights you can), and there is no noise (ie nobody watching loud TV downstairs or sirens and junk outside), then you will experience it after a minute or two.

    Basically what is happening is that by laying in bed, still awake, in a dark and quiet room, you are in a sensory deprivation state and your brain will start to reproduce sounds that you have heard that day.

    One thing you will probably hear is people calling your name, especially if it’s the elongated, whiny call of parents or kids. Another common thing you’ll hear is a song that you heard several times that day.

    What’s really strange is that these noises will get quite loud after a while to the point of almost becoming a deafening din. However even the smallest actual noise in the real world (even your own breathing/snoring) can break the cacophony and suddenly snap you back to reality and the complete silence.

    It’s a pretty weird feeling.

  55. Great tricks for the brain – so much so that you begin to wonder what reality really is!

  56. Incorrect, I can confirm this, same sound I downloaded, used an amplifier and heard, but at lower sound levels my brothers and sister heard, and they got annoyed when put loud as said it was TOO loud.

    Also sound range might be limited but not the frequencies, we can hear them all, just at different volumes as the older we are we lose the ability to hear the lower volume of that spectrum.

  57. I’m 44 years old and I downloaded the MP3 file that is supposed to be a sound only those under 20 years old can hear.

    Well, I can hear it. Why?

  58. I’m in my early 30s and I can hear that sound very easily. Maybe its just my speakers. And I didn’t have to turn it up to hear it. Is it different for others?

  59. Ronda you must have some really good high fidelity speakers :) As for number 8, I tried that with my room mate and she was as skeptical as hell, but I convinced her to later do the same with nipples instead of noses. Man was that a treat!

  60. um i could move my leg clock-wise and make 6 in the air at the same time…
    But the rest were very fun!! i liked #2 he looked like Micheal Jackson! 😉

  61. I saw the girl one going clockwise? is it coz I’m a leftie? coz someone said it was…I’m going to try the 1st one! Sounds fun! Thanks:)

  62. Judging by the shadow of the foot on #1, wouldn’t the dance have to be spinning counter-clockwise?

  63. okay… I tried the radio static trick, it did not work, are you supposed to have your eyes open or closed during the experiement?

  64. You all have been Rick’n Rolled.

    By the way.. the girl is an animated gift, not an eye effect.

  65. I believe that Number 3, The Sine wave, should technically be called the Cosine wave.

    Considering this is the Unit circle, and that the equation is simply y=sin(x)

    at 0Pi, or otherwise 0, The coordinate is (1,0). This means that the Sine (the y coordinate) is 0. The wave should start our with 0, but it starts out higher than that.

    However, the Cosine of (1,0) is the x coordinate. this means the Cosine is 1. This would make more sense than this being the Sine wave.

  66. Yes everyone knows its an animated gif file but the trick is in the fact that she is spinning in two directions at the same time. I did this with two people and the other guys saw her going from Right to Left while I could see her going Left to Right.

    The animated gif is constant in what it does. It goes from left to Right to Left to Right like a swing but our brains see that as a spin which is why you can see it go in both directions.

  67. actually the shadow can be considered either behind or in front but because it is just a shadow, you can’t tell and that is what makes the illusion of it going both ways.

  68. I was able to make the girl switch directions, but then once I noticed it changed it went back to clockwise

  69. sure its an animated gif, consisting of 2 shifting images! It really works, just focus for about 20 seconds on a point at the edge of the image

  70. I can see girl one moving back and forth. If you click on her, you will see it goes to a new page there, look at the back arrow, and you will see that she moves back and forth.

  71. Playing with mind can be fantastic. Remember to have provocated to see other people at a party creatures which never have been there – there was no alcohol at this time consumed – everybody was in panic.
    Strange thing: everybody saw the SAME pictures!

  72. With the spinning girl, if you understand what you would see in 3D if the girl would be spinning to the left or right, you can change the direction every half turn if you just imagine what it will be when she goes the other way.

  73. I got her to go both ways easily haha you just think that her leg thats up in the air is on the opposite side as when you first saw her

  74. Hey I just wanted to mention that on Nr.1 (the girl) I found a way to “trick” my brain so I can change her to go to whatever direction I want, when I want. 😉

  75. This works for me with the spinning girl:
    I ‘naturally’ see her spinning clockwise. This is because my brain tells me that the uplifted leg is in front of her standing leg when it sweeps right to left.

    However, if I look at her feet, then tell myself that her uplifted leg is BEHIND her when it sweeps right to left, my brain starts to make the switch. Takes a try or two…

  76. Ha!!! I got so good at the shadow trick that I can get her to alternate legs everytime her back faces me

  77. For the spinning girl, look away from the screen, picture the same spinning in clockwise direction and look slowly on the screen.

  78. I was able to switch directions of the girl by watching the shadow of the center foot and the perceived center foot moving. By watching the center of the two images, I was able to tell my brain to move it in a different direction.

  79. i cannot tell my brain to change its direction, but somehow, when i focus on a single point over imagining it was 3D and chase that point with my eye, I somehow see it change direction, done it like 4 times. but the thing is, i felt a little dizzy at the exact moment its gonna be change direction and would last about 500 milliseconds.

  80. lol i could see the girl spin both ways and see the 2-D image shifting back and forth… can anyone else? because that is flipping awesome if you can also!!!

  81. I was able to do the 6 with one foot, the parrot didn’t, and just blurred my sight blue, I was able to hear the noise, I only saw it rotating in one direction no matter how hard I looked, and finally the depth perception and Elvis picture didn’t work

  82. If you look at number 1 with your peripheral vision then you can see that the picture really is going side by side and not spinning. My mind has been blown.

  83. So I was trying to to #1 and I got my self to see it both ways back and forth a couple times then what I got my self to do is see her lifted leg and body Ti go counter-clockwise but her other leg to be going clockwise lol very wierd.

  84. The soundwave thing doesn’t seem to work. My dad is 40 and he heard it. Was it because I played the sound straight off the website instead of downloading it? Could that have made it lose sound quality?

  85. The Sine Wave has very low amplitude and is not audible at normal sound level of pc. I had to maximize the sound to full to have the sound to my ear.

    Please provide the full loud sinewave clip, i want to set it as ma ringtone

  86. Number 3 almost worked for me. I couldn’t hear the actual sound, but I noticed destructive interference with the sounds around me.

  87. Ok..good thing I wasn’t the only one.. I don’t even listen to their music or even paid an ounce of attention towards him or his brothers..

  88. In the first one her leg goes both ways! If you look closely at the leg on the floor it switches! grrrrrrr! You tricked us!

  89. these tricks are sick they are way cool by the way i love someone out of my class year 5 st lukes ce primary school

  90. Correction of the comment above:

    In this part I meant to her leg, the leg that she picks up.
    “Notice when she turns right, the shadow of the leg that she picks up continues to turn to the left side.”

  91. I found a big mistake in the last illusion of the spinning girl.
    Notice when she turns right, the shadow of the hand continues to turn to the left side.
    I know this illusion for a long time but just now I noticed it.
    We need to contact the person who invented this illusion so that he will fix it. :)

  92. if you focus on her toes, you will be able to see it change direction,, visualize it being in the far end of you the entire time rather than forward and backwards. then it is easy to see. you can even make her go back and forth rather than in a circle if you focus like this in continuity

  93. The on about the pain was very interesting. I tried it since I have a painful cut next to my thumb. To my surprise it really did lower the amount of pain I felt. I also want to try out the rubber hand but I don’t have a rubber hand to experiment with, but by far that one looks like it will feel incredibly weird.

  94. first i was seeing a clockwise but later it seem to counter clockwise and so on .later when half of the image fall on blind spot it seem to be clockwise .Can any body tell me why

  95. For the spinning girl. I See her clockwise.

    To change direction, for me, looking at her shadow leg swing towards her, and she will change direction.

    Same for people in opposite position. cover up her shadow.

  96. for me, to change the direction i had to look at the feet then at the shadow of the feet. when i did that it would not look like it was spinning but shifting form side to side

  97. The spinning girl is spinning clock-wise…you cant change that… i tryed about 10 minutes to change her direction but it is not possible you guys are lying..she cant turn to conter-clock-wise…

  98. I can make the girl spin to the direction i want by spinig my head to the direction i want the girl to go.

  99. for number 2 confuse ur photoreception i loved the 2 images. SO COOOOOL!!!!!!!

  100. This is awesome. I figured out how to do #1 efficiently. Have your face about 2 feet away from the screen and stare directly at the mid calf of the girls non-extended leg. Then sort of unfocus and refocus your eyes while staring at the same spot over and over and it should switch. Pretty awesome!

  101. The last one, the “spinning” girl, is quite easy. All you need to do is look at her foot that she spins on and “lead” it with your eyes back and forth. Then, when it goes in the direction you want it to, simply “lead” it that way with your eyes.

  102. Just cover al her body and look only to her feet and the feet’s shadow, then spin your head the oposite way she is turning …. and then voila, you get a multi direction spinning girl just for you !

  103. omg !! the spinning girl thing…i stare at it for so long then see comment + guide…then know x)…son of a gun scary

  104. heh for the last one ,the spinning girl all i had to do to swap it was to close my eyes wait a second and imagine the girl spinning in the direction i wanted her to then opened my eyes and she was spinning that direction oh and anyone els relize that shes naked and nipping? or do i just have that dirty of a mind?

  105. on the spinning girl, first I tried making anti/clockwise circles with my finger (worked some of the time) then I focused on switching direction without any clues, it was hard but I can do it, it just takes about 10-15 seconds of trying to switch directions.

    If you’re having trouble though, the best method I came up with, is to hold your hand up, where you can’t see the girl at all, and turn your wrist in the direction you want to spin the girl and then move your hand out of the way slightly. If she’s not going the way you turned your hand, try again. I was able to do it quickly within two or three tries.

  106. If you look carefully at the girl’s legs u can see that her leg actually moves left and right at front then it does one circle,and the other leg is not moving its just floating

  107. O.O when you look at the girl leg for like 10-20 sec you can see she spins the other way then look at something and then look again she is spining the wother way O.O my head hurts -.-“

  108. woahh. for the last one, i can change the rotation in like, two seconds! it’s actually pretty easy. for me, all i have to do is look to the right and then cross my eyes a little. it kinda hurts my head though >_<

  109. heh. That spinning girl thing looks like she just spins on her right leg then
    spin using her left.

  110. The girl spinning has something odd to it. I can’t pinpoint doing anything special, and yet she reverses direction from time to time. I wonder if it’s something the gif is doing rather than my brain.

  111. found a trick with the spinning girl siting normally in your chair stick one finger up in front of the screen and turn clockwise or anti-clockwise the girl will spin the same direction you turn your finger, if it doesnt do it while looking at the picture just dart your eyes between your finger and the picture.

  112. It’s easy to make the girl flip. There is a trick to changing how your brain perceives the rotation. Stare at the bottom foot from the knee down only. After a second or two, you should see that the image is really just flipping back and forth. Now, to get your brain to pick the direction you want her to spin, wait until her toes are at the apex of movement in the opposite direction. Just as she starts to move back the other way (the way you want her to spin) look back at the full image. By starting the cycle at this point, you remove the superflous movement and lock into that version of the false rotation.

  113. Fantastic articles. Perception is the primary key to all learning and understanding the flaws in it allows us to comprehend the flaws in what we keenly consider to be our ‘knowledge.’ I Love websites that hilight the flaws in our physical minds, and this site does it without all the physco-babble of other sites. Well done A+

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