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Skepticality was the recipient of the 'Ockham's Razor Award for Best Podcast 2014! Along with a short announcement about that, this week Derek talks with author Andrew Endersby about his newest book, "America's Imaginary Hostage Crisis". In 1979 a group of Iranian students invaded and occupied the US Embassy in Tehran. The United States military decided the best way to try to deal with the event was to use a group of newly 'trained' psychics using remote viewing to determine what was going on within the walls of the embassy. Now that the actual papers are available, which detail what the remote viewers actually reported, how accurate were they, really?
Show Notes

– Date – April 15, 2014
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The Odds Must Be Crazy [27:50]
The Odds Must Be Crazy.
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Atlanta Skepticamp 2014 [33:45]
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Interview: Andrew Endersby [34:30]
– Andrew Endersby author of, “America’s Imaginary Hostage Crisis“.
– Similar theme to the book “The Men Who Stare At Goats“.
– Andrew became fascinated with the psychic connection to the Iranian Hostage Crisis after he got his hands on the declassified records from the event.
– The Iranian Hostage Crisis started with a student demonstration.
– What most people didn’t know is that the US Government was using an experimental group of psychic remote viewers.
– The American Government was researching the use of psychic powers due to reports of successful uses in the Russian military.
– The code name for the remote viewing team was ‘Grill Flame‘.
– In the book he includes many of the actual documents from the remote viewing sessions which include drawings and tape transcripts.
– Reports about the US government being interested in paranormal research started to leak out around 1980.
– Strangely, the remote viewers were prompted to actually interact with people they were ‘viewing’ from thousands of miles away.
– The viewers were consistently wrong once the facts came out.
– Only seven reports had any form of correct information out of about two hundred.
– Even though the project had such a terrible success rate it continued to operate all the way until 1995.
– The book is on Kindle as well as in print version also quite affordable.

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