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Kari Byron
 Adam, Jamie, and Kari from TAM 4
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This week the long awaited Mythbusters interviews finally surface. Conducted by Skepticality correspondent David Federlein, live at The Amazing Meeting 4, we bring you candid conversations with Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman and Kari Byron of the explosively successful Discovery Channel science show, The Mythbusters.
Show Notes



Date -Tuesday December 12th, 2006 read by Swoopy.

Science+Kaboom = Mythbusters.
If you blow it up, people will watch.
Grant and Kari were at Dragon*Con 2006.
We're longtime fans of the show.
The Mythbusters were on the cover of Skeptic Magazine in 2005.
Swoopy isn't giving up her copy.
The brains behind The Mythbusters is Executive Producer Peter Rees.
David Federlein interviews Adam Savage.
Why does Adam put himself in harm's way all the time?
Adam talks about the elegence of the science of Mythbusters.
It's not easy being a Mythbuster.
How many other people get to Escape from Alcatraz?
Adam on being a Skeptic.
Skeptics are fun people.
David thanks Adam and says goodbye.
Skeptic promo.
What's your favorite episode of Mythbusters.
Swoopy talks about The Penny Drop.
Derek is a fan of the exploding cement truck.
Swoopy comes across an episode of Mythbusters she missed.
The Five Second Rule.
The Cleanest Room in the House.
You should run in the rain if you want to stay dry, except in Seattle.
Swoopy crushes on Jamie Hyneman.
The Mythbusters' day job is M5 Studios.
Swoopy is going to start wearing a beret, and possibly growing a mustache.
David sits down with Jamie Hyneman.
What's it like being a celebrity?
Jamie isn't a fan of the explosions.
Safety First.
How long does it take to rebuild Buster?
A Jamie of all trades.
If you can earn a living having fun, it's the best of both worlds.
A Skeptic by association.
"I'm actually pretty adament about the whole God thing."
David thanks Jamie and says goodbye.
Swoopy wants a Jamie Hyneman t-shirt.
If I were a Mythbuster…
M5 Industries is a science playground.
The early Mythbusters needed a woman in the mix.
Some Mythchicks include Heather Joseph-Witham, Jess Nelson, Scottie Chapman, and Christine Chamberlain.
And then there was Kari.
David Federlein greets Kari Byron.
Hardware stores are the place to meet cool chicks like Kari.
Kari talks about rebuilding Buster…again and again.
Being a Mythbuster is a dirty job.
David asks Kari "what the -bleep- were you thinking?"
Bump – Joe Murphy from The Dragon Page.
Swoopy thinks David was awesome and awed by Kari Byron.
We want to find out how The Mythbusters deal with viewer feedback in their process.
The Mythbusters are HUGE in Australia.
Swoopy suggests Mythbusters International.
No Monkey News today.
Phil Plait is nominated for a 2006 Weblog Award.
Our friend Joe Murphy needs some love.
We demonstrate why we're not Slice of Sci-Fi worthy.
Swoopy has never seen Total Recall.
Next on Skepticality – Yule Free Maybe?
Your hosts sign off.
Skepticality outro.
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