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This week Derek has an interview with Keith E. Stanovich, a CSI fellow and is the Canada Research Chair of Applied Cognitive Science at the Department of Human Development and Applied Psychology, University of Toronto. His work in critical thinking and how science goes about measuring intelligence has won him many awards. Derek wanted to find out a bit more about his work and what areas of research he has been working on in recent days.
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– Date – Janurary 21, 2014
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Interview: Keith Stanovich

– Was chair of Cognitive Science Toronto University.
Is a CSI fellow.
The Matthew Effect was one of his more recognized works.
– Derek learned to read using books like Grey’s Anatomy because he found the pictures of the inside of the body fascinating.
– There is a vast gender difference between fiction and non-fiction readers.
Vocabulary is one of the best ways to enhance early reading and learning.
– Latest book ‘What Intelligence Tests Miss‘, before that ‘The Robots Rebellion‘.
– In 2002 Kahneman got the Nobel Prize for this type of work.
Spearman’s positive manifold, all good cognitive things tend to go together.
– Currently working via a three year grant to research and create a new, prototype for a re-tooled version of a IQ type test.
– Lately the new trend to call too many things ‘intelligence’ begins to rob the meaning from the actual word.
Rationality is not the same as intelligence and it is a mistake to conflate the two.
Dan Dennet has an example involving the cliffs of Dover and a poor woman that illustrates the difference between several versions of reasoning/mental mechanics.
– Rational thinking has two main components epistemic rationality and instrumental rationality.
– Some of this was discussed in the book ‘Thinking Fast and Slow‘.
Fluid Intelligence is one of the most helpful tools for rational thinking.
Crystalized Intelligence encompasses the actual things we ‘know’.
– It has been shown that you can change peoples mind/thinking just by small changes in framing.
Keith Stanovich Home Page.

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