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Jeremy Steele
 Interview: Jeremy Steele
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This week Derek sits down with Jeremy Steele, the author of the new book 'Taboo: The Questions You Aren't Supposed to Ask'. Jeremy is not only an author and skeptic, he is also a practicing Methodist Pastor. Derek discusses what lead a man of devout faith to be such a strident skeptic, and how his skeptical themed book came to be.
Show Notes

– Date – Feburary 18, 2014
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Skepticism Skepticism, Past and Future [1:25]

Immanuel Velikovsky’s 1950 book Worlds in Collision advanced theories about the solar system that were widely decried as pseudoscience. And yet the book was extremely popular.
– Harlow Shapley’s 1950 criticism of Velikovsky’s theories began a long feud between US scientists and Velikovsky.
– The 1974 Sagan v. Velikovsky debate was covered in a Skeptical Inquirer article in 1999.
– To easily find this and other articles, the first 29 years of Skeptical Inquirer (1976-2005) are still available for a paltry $25 on DVD.
– Another great source on the “Velikovsky affair” is the book The Pseudoscience Wars: Immanuel Velikovsky And The Birth of the Modern Fringe by Michael D. Gordin.
– Tim’s blog post on Facebook likes explains the danger of linking to pseudoscience.
– The new RBUTR toolbar was announced in a blog post last week, and can help avoid this problem.
– Skeptic History facts are posted daily on social media find out where on this page at Tim’s blog.

Wikipedia [9:25]

Susan Gerbic
– The Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham Debate.
– The Skeptic Wikipedia Project.

Skeptical Humanities [14:00]

Time Team.
Stewart Ainsworth.
– BS Historian: Archaeological Dowsing (Part 1): Divining Bad Archaeology.
Skeptical Humanities.

The Odds Must Be Crazy [20:00]

The Odds Must Be Crazy.
– This week’s featured story is, “The Coincidental CD“.
– Story was submitted by skepticality listener, Chuck Colht.
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– Additional thoughts and considerations provided by Barbara Drescher.
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Interview: Jeremy Steele [25:15]

According to his website, he is a husband, father, writer, pastor, and skeptic.
The religious and Skeptics sometimes don’t get along.
Religious leaders usually do not become skeptics.
– Being an athiest does not make one a skeptic.
– Jeremy’s father would also talk to him about science topics.
– Once he got more into church meetings he really wanted to find out the ‘reality’ behind the teachings and didn’t want to take it all on faith..
– Jeremy is a pastor in the United Methotist demonination.
– Many scientists happen to be religious.
– Has written the book, ‘Investigating Christmas‘, about the real St. Nick and the history of Christmas and its roots.
– There was a astromnical event which happened around the claimed time of the birth of Jesus prior to Harods death.
– He does not like when people use the ‘God of the Gaps‘ to explain anything in the natural world.
Intelligent Design is a good example of the God of the Gaps mistake.
– Jeremy watched the ‘Bill Nye/Ken Ham’ debate and cringed at how Ken Ham handled himself but liked how Nye dealt with the issues during the debate.
Biologos Foundation is a faith-based group which funds and supports the teaching of solid science.
– In the Book of Romans, it is supposed to be a autobiography of God.
– There are quite a few big names in Skeptical thought who have deep faith, folks like Martin Gardner, and Pamela Gay.
– Some of Jeremy’s friends call some of the issues in Taboo ‘History Channel’ theology topics.
– A facination with the comparison between the Book of Revelations and Nostradamus.
– The bible(s) tend to have many books which are left out, or removed for many reasons.
– What was ‘really’ happening during the missing years of Jesus’s life.
– You can get Taboo on Amazon, and some other online vendors.

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