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Law and The Multiverse
 Interview(s): James Daily and Ryan Davidson
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This week on Skepticality, Derek chats with James Daily and Ryan Davidson, the creators of the popular legal blog, Law and The Multiverse and the newly released book based on the site, The Law of Superheroes. If there’s one thing that many science and reality-minded people tend to do quite a bit, it’s over analyze every little detail in the movies, TV shows, books, etc., that they find entertaining. James and Ryan, being lawyers, decided to take that same mindset and explore what might happen, legally, if some of the fantastic things depicted in comic books and superhero entertainment actually happened in real life.
Show Notes

– Date – April 23rd, 2013
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Skeptic History

– The Boston Post’s coverage of the Charles Ponzi case directly led to his prosecution – and a 1921 Pulitzer for Public Service.
– The Columbus Enquirer-Sun won the 1926 Pulitzer for Public Service for their campaigns against (among other things) the enactment of a law banning the teaching of evolution.
– Coverage of the new-age movement Synanon was awarded the 1979 Pulitzer for Public Service.
– An investigation of the Church of Scientology by the St. Petersburg Times won the 1980 Pulitzer for National Reporting.
– Three books on aspects of evolution have won the Pulitzer for General Non-Fiction: Carl Sagan’s The Dragons of Eden in 1978, E.O. Wilson’s On Human Nature in 1979, and Jonathan Weiner’s The Beak of the Finch in 1995. (Daniel Dennett’s Darwin’s Dangerous Idea was a finalist in 1996).
InsideClimate, an investigative journalism website, won the 2013 Pulitzer for National Reporting.
– The Tampa Bay Times won the 2013 Pulitzer for Editorial Writing for their series on anti-fluoridation pseudoscience in Pinellas County, Florida.
– Skeptic History facts are posted daily on social media find out where on this page at Tim’s blog.

Unnatural Virtue

Bradley Nelson is a chiropractor and craniopath who claims he can turn anybody into a “powerful and gifted healer.”
– His healing methods use an eclectic mix of energy healing, Kirlian photography, applied kinesiology, and magnet therapy. He claims he can heal just about anything in a few minutes and at a distance.
– What he’s selling is a kind of faith healing. Nelson claims that normal use of prescription drugs is the third leading cause of death in the U.S.
– Not true, as Neo at The Skeptic Arena notes, there are more deaths from in-hospital errors than from stroke.
– It’s probably safe to say that nobody has died using Nelson’s Body Code System, which, he says, provides the Most Powerful Secret Healing System Ever!
– Bob Carroll’s books include The Skeptic’s Dictionary, Unnatural Acts: Critical Thinking, Skepticism, and Science Exposed!, and for kids 9 and up; Mysteries and Science: Exploring Aliens, Ghosts, Monsters, the end of the world and other weird things.
– Paperbacks of Unnatural Acts and Mysteries and Science are available from
The Skeptics Dictionary and Skeptic’s Dictionary for Kids.

Skeptical Humanities

– Skeptical Humanities: And that’s why they’re going to hell: Teaching literature in Bobby Jindal’s Louisiana.
– Times-Picayune: Jindal defends school vouchers in NBC interview.
– NCSE: Jindal connects the dots.
– Huffington Post: Louisiana school voucher program’s new rules shift tens of millions of dollars from public schools.
– Reuters: Judge rules Louisiana school voucher program unconstitutional.
– Mother Jones: 14 wacky “facts” kids will learn in Louisiana’s voucher schools.
Virtual Skeptics #23.


SkeptiCal is June 15th 2013.
Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia Blog.
– You can find Susan Gerbic at her website.

The News In Religion

Pat Robertson on Boston Explosions.
– Nonbelievers Find A Sunday Morning Connection.
– Jesus the Homeless Sculpture Rejected by Catholic Churches in Toronto, NY.
– Heather’s other podcasts:
Ardent Atheist on Twitter: @Ardentatheists
Skeptically Yours on Twitter: @SkepticallyYour.
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The Odds Must Be Crazy

The Odds Must Be Crazy.
– This week’s featured story is, “Way More Than a Dozen“.
– Story was submitted by reader Becky Glynn.
– Please visit the story link for a more detailed analysis and to add your comments.
– Additional thoughts and considerations provided by Barbara Drescher.
– Our producer and audio engineer is Brian Hart.
– Our theme music comes to us courtesy of Brian Keith Dalton, AKA Mr. Deity.
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Interview: James Daily and Ryan Davidson

– Find out about them on thier blog, ‘Law and the Multiverse‘.
– Their blog work landed them a book deal to create, ‘The Law of Superheroes’.- Many science and skeptically minded people tend to enjoy sci-fi and comic book type entertainment.
Ryan Davidson and James Daily are both lawyers.
– The idea started with the pondering on ‘what about the x-ray vision of Superman?’ and privacy laws.
– When they put up the first post on Metafilter, it took off from there back in 2010.
– James works for the ‘Hoover Institution for Commercialization and Innovation‘.
– Ryan is also an attorney who is currently transferring to the East Coast of the USA from the midwest.
– They often use reader submitted questions or ideas for new articles and posts.
– Received some great questions and feedback at the New York Comic-Con this past November.
– The blog has received a lot of press coverage on blogs and even some magazines and newspapers.
Citizenship status issues even curse Superman….
– The blog could be a great resource for TV, Movies and other entertainment outlets to ensure legal accuracy like the Science & Entertainment Exchange does.
– A few of their blog posts have been about current movies and TV shows.
– Research into past, and older legal decisions can become difficult when they are older than a couple hundred years.
– Lawyers are not, generally, allowed to just walk up to people to offer their services.

Outro Music

– Outro music donated by Trent Brusky of Dropfox.

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