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Loren Collins
 Interview: Loren Collins
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This week Derek has a discussion with Loren Collins, the author of the book 'Bullspotting: Finding Facts in the Age of Misinformation'. The book is a guide for people to distinguish real conspiracies from conspiracy theories, and real science from pseudoscience. Loren set out to provide a way to use the tools of critical thinking to spot real evidence from information which has been manipulated to create false impressions of the truth.
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– Date – March 26th, 2013
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Unnatural Virtue

Magical Thinnking
– Internet myths about aspartame and Hattan’s response letter outlining the FDA’s position can be found at
– Belief that aspartame is a dangerous neurotoxin is unfounded and on par with the belief that chemicals on our fruits and vegetables and radiation from our cell phones are killing us.
The Skeptics Dictionary and Skeptic's Dictionary for Kids.
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The News in Religion

– North Carolina church halts weddings to protest gay marriage ban.
– Alcoholics Anonymous Spirituality Cause Of Internal Debate.
Pope Francis On Twitter.
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– Working Backwards example with Vassula Ryden.
– Working Backwards example with Daryl Bem and James Alcock.

The Odds Must Be Crazy

The Odds Must Be Crazy.
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Bullspotting – Interview Loren Collins

– Personal Injury Attorney, he is not like Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad
– Have been published in the AJC in the past (misinformation and critical thinking)
– Attempted to get an article about Rep. Paul Brown in GA due to his anti-science promotion and thinking.
– Website 'Birth of a Notion' spinoff of his blog BARACKRYPHAL.
– Loren ran for office in 2007 and 2008 in a write in campaign for his house district in the same district which was once the district which Cynthia McKinney was elected to.
– He ran under the 'Bull Moose' party.
His new book 'Bullspotting'.
– He noticed that a lot of the anti-Obama support stems from bad thinking.
– When researching the history of creationism, topic ended up being fascinating
Pseudolaw doesn't have much attention, however it has sweeping implications
– The most widespread bit of pseudolaw deals with people believing taxes are illegal.
– 'Flag Fringe' is a big deal in some court rooms as a point of bad thinking.
– Many people start to believe that law is somehow 'magical' which leads to bad thinking, much like the ideas of folks like Alex Jones.
– The 'Lost Thirteenth Amendment' makes claims that the real version was about political office holders not having titles of nobility.
– Loren is a big fan of Comic Books and even has a big portion of his personal website which has links to where you can get free comic books.

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