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Dragon*Con Skeptrack
 Panel Discussion: Educating vs. Debunking
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This week on Skepticality, Derek gives a brief wrap-up of the Skeptic Track at Dragon*Con 2011 as well as giving you a sample from one of the many events which took place over the four day track of skeptic events. The panel is an important discussion moderated by JREF President, D.J. Grothe on the topic of Education vs. Debunking, how they are different and when and how each should be used to the greatest effect.
Show Notes

– Date – September 13th 2011
– You can send in your cool Science Shoutout to
– Dragon*Con Skeptrack 2011 has come and gone
– Panel moderator D.J. Grothe president of the JREF
– You can get Dragon*Con membership tickets for cheap if you get them early
– Skeptrack recordings will be played on other podcasts such as Token Skeptic and American Freethought
– Panel event audio was produced and provided by AbruptMedia.
– Remember to book a hotel room for Dragon*Con 2012 soon!

Skeptic History

– Ingo Swann, one of the “inventors” of remote viewing, was born September 14, 1933
– Former NASA engineer Edgar C. Whisenant, born September 25, 1932, repeatedly (and incorrectly) predicted the Rapture
– Prof. Steven E. Jones first presented his theories about the 9/11 attacks on September 22, 2005
– Ötzi the Iceman was first excavated from a glacier in the Alps on September 19, 1991
– The Betty & Barney Hill UFO abduction supposedly began on September 19, 1961
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