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Atlanta Skepticamp was another big success. We catch up with local Atlanta Skepticality contributor, Tim Farley, to talk about his research into the booming online skeptical media trends.
Show Notes

Date – June 14th, 2011 read by Derek
This weeks Science Shout Out from Steve Nerlich the Cheap Astronomer who also has a podcast!

Skepticality has a new, custom, WordPress website.
We were at Skepticamp different type of ‘camp’.
Started by Reed Essau, based on the Barcamp model.
Deadly Immunity” was Robert F. Kennedy’s article. officially retracted the article in January.

The Sunday Times retracted an article misrepresentation by the IPCC.
The UFO sighting, which began the UFO craze, was on June 24, 1947.
Art Bell talked about UFOs and other topics on the radio, born June 17, 1945.
Donald Keyhoe, UFOlogist, born June 20, 1897 and died in 1988.
Steven M. Greer is a current UFOlogist, born June 28, 1955.
You can read daily Skeptic History facts on Twitter, Facebook or FriendFeed.
This week we talk with Tim Farley.
Are there too many skeptical blogs, podcasts, and video shows on the internet now?
All the slides for Tim’s talk can be seen and read at this link.
Tim has been keeping tabs on all sorts of online skeptical content.
You can see Tim’s run-down of how much skeptical podcasting is being produced is here.
If you have the urge to start a new blog, podcast, or other skeptical resource, consider contributing.
Tim Farley created What’s The Harm and Skeptools.
You can follow Tim on Twitter at @krelnik.
We, and Tim, will be at The Amazing Meeting 9 this July 14th through 17th in Las Vegas, NV.
These show notes are at (duh)

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