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William MacAskill
 Interview: William MacAskill
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This week Derek has a conversation with William MacAskill. William is a former Fulbright scholar at Princeton University, and PhD at Oxford University. William is the founder of Oxford’s Center for Effective Altruism and of 80,000 Hours, a service which helps determine how best to use your time to do the most good. As a person who is deeply concerned with the effects of charitable giving, he set out to provide ways for people to give in the most effective manner possible. What are the best places to give your money so it has the highest potential to further good in the world? William discusses why it was important for the charities he helped create have a scientific way to determine where donations and/or work should be best directed for the most good.
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– Date – May 13, 2014
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Wikipedia [2:55]
Susan Gerbic
– Recorded ‘live’ at QED 2014.
– The Skeptic Wikipedia Project.

Skeptical Humanities [13:25]
– Building Egypt.
– Ken Feder’s Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries: Pseudoscience in Archaeology.
Live Science on Bonn.
– Percy Newberry’s El Bersheh: The Tomb of Tehuti-hetep (
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Skeptical Humanities.

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The Odds Must Be Crazy.
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Interview: William MacAskill [26:30]
– Research Associate at the Oxford Center for Practical Ethics.
– Spending the academic year 2012-13 in the USA as a Fulbright Scholar at Princeton University.
– He took his wifes last name for ethical reasons.
– Helped setup and found ‘Giving What We Can‘ and ‘80,000 Hours‘.
– The idea of ‘meta-charity‘ is rarely discussed or known about.
– The programs have an evidence based method to make sure that all donations have the best possible outcome for good.
– Worked with the ‘Give Well‘ group which was founded by ex-hedge fund workers.
– An example is; treating children for intestinal worms as a highly effective way to enhance the standard of living in the developing world.
– One surprising careers which his projects think can do the most good in the end is Investment Banking.
– One example may be Warren Buffett and his children, like Peter Buffett.
– These types of charities are called/considered ‘Meta Charities‘.
– William has a book which he is finishing which should be coming out soon which is going to be all about evidence based altruism and giving.
– One of the best places for people to find out more about effective altruism is Peter Singers TED Talk.

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