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This week Derek chats with National Laboratory programmer turned hard science fiction author, Andy Weir, about his book 'The Martian'. The wildly popular book about a stranded astronaut left behind on Mars after a tragic accident. The story uses ideas based on real and near-future tech to drive the plot-line. Find out what inspired Andy to put his ideas down into a novel, and his journey from offering the work for free to now having his book turned into a major motion picture set for release in 2015.
Show Notes

– Date – December 2nd, 2014
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Skepticism, Past and Future [1:00]
– Tim previously discussed the Bermuda Triangle on Skepticality #144 in 2010.
– You can read the original September 1950 AP wire story that kicked it off online at SMU’s site.
Vincent Gaddis coined the term Bermuda Triangle, he was born December 28, 1913.
Charles Berlitz wrote a 1974 bestselling book titled The Bermuda Triangle, he was born November 22, 1913.
Flight 19 is one of the most famous incidents, it occurred December 5, 1945.
– A December 28, 1948 crash of a DC3 is also one of the earliest included incidents.
– The ship S.S. Cotopaxi was lost on or after December 1, 1925. It was included in the 1980 Special Edition of Close Encounters of the Third Kind (which was originally released November 16, 1977).
The Proteus (lost after November 23, 1941) and the Nereus (lost after December 10, 1941) were sister ships.
The Mary Celeste was found abandoned on December 5, 1872, but nowhere near the triangle.
– Tim blogged about inflation in Facebook share counts, and he recommends a tool called SharedCount to fact-check these claims.
– Skeptic History facts are posted daily on social media find out where on this page at Tim’s blog.

Wikipedia [10:20]
European Council of Skeptical Organisations.
– Susan Gerbic on the Skeptics Toolbox.
Investigation Network Meeting.
– Psychic Theresa Caputo Gets a Visit from Investigation Network.
– Get involved with the Skeptics on Wikipedia project today!
– Get involved with the Skeptics on Wikipedia project today!

Skeptical Humanities [16:40]
Doubtful News coverage.
– The nightmare that the parents have opted for.
– CBC coverage of the ruling.
Family statement.
Haudenosaunee Medicine.
Check out Skepticality Humanities blog!

The Odds Must Be Crazy [24:15]
– This week's featured story is, "MatheMagician".
Ethan Brown video.
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Interview: Andy Weir [32:35]
– Author, Andy Weir.
– Got his first real programming job at 15 at SANDIA Labs.
– Andy used to work at AOL and Blizzard Game Studios.
– Derek used to run a big, old-school, BBS system with his dad back in the dial-up era.
– Andy's latest book, 'The Martian', is a big love letter to science, space, and cosmic exploration.
– 'The Martian' is *technically* Andy's third book. The first one was 'really bad' and has been lost forever, the second is 'Theft of Pride' which is a bit better.
– 'The Martian' also is currently being produced/filmed for release as a major motion picture set to come out in 2015, starring Matt Damon.
– There have been a few popular authors who started out much the same, such as Scott Sigler and J.C. Hutchins.
– You can find the book here, and the movie will be coming out November 25th 2015, and more about Andy on his website.

Outro Music [55:20]
– Special Christmas Outro Music By Slau!

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