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Derek convinces Swoopy to sit down and do a short holiday episode.
Show Notes

– Date – December 24th, 2013
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Derek and Swoopy Holiday Chat
– Swoopy wishes for less skeptical drama.
– Who doesn't want a big FSM topper?
– Swoopy listens to Radio Lab.
We have fans who miss Swoopy who sell stuff on etsy!
– The world is realzing some good science on vitamins and folks like Burzinski.
– We had Offit on discussing the reality of multivitamins earlier this year, and have been warning about Burzinski for a while now.
– Derek *does* have a wife.
Barbara Drescher and Swoopy get Skepticrafty.
– In the Skepticality house, we play games like Final Fantasy 14. (we are part of the Chasing Midnight FC)
– Have a great holiday no matter how you celebrate!!!

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Outro Music
– Outro music by George Hrab, once again!

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