This week Derek sits down with Nicholas Eftimiades, Chinese Intelligence expert who was the Chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency Space Division for a period of time. He recently penned a new book which is a science fiction novel set 200 years in the future where a few androids decide to communicate with the Almighty.
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– Date – February 26, 2013
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The News in Religion

– Tim Tebow announced that he would be canceling a planned appearance at First Baptist Dallas church in April.
– Aaron Williams denied the right to wear pasta strainer on his head for DMV photo.
Appearing on Idol type shows in other countries can mean death threats.
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Skpepticism and the Humanities

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– An 'interesting' idea for human evolution, Intelligent Intervention?

The Odds Must Be Crazy

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Edward of Planet Earth – Interview: Nicholas Eftimiades

Nicholas Eftimiades diplomat, intelligence expert, author, and science advocate.
– Has a degree in intelligence studies.
– Currently works out of London, UK as part of the U.S. Embassy, London.
– His first book was a real page turner, 'Chinese Intelligence Operations'.
– Due to his uncovering of money being funneled to the Democratic Commitee he ended up in the news.
– Was labeled an 'enemy of the people' by the Chinese by their government.
– In China everything is called 'Chinese Socialism'.
– Nicholas found out about a campaign finance scandel in the late 90's.
– Traditionally when money flows between borders war does not follow.
– Was part of the National Security Space Office, which as a cool seal.
– Is a mix of the U.S. Intelligence Community and the Department of Defense to help develop the 'generation after next space systems'.
– Stuff like the 'secret' mini Space Shuttle.
– While working at the Space Office he started the Federation Of Galaxy Explorers to ensure kids of the future are engaged and interested in space exploration.
– Look at the world today and realize how far we have come in just the past 20-30 years, look at all the stuff which now fits in your pocket!
– His latest book, 'Edward of Planet Earth' takes place 200 years in the future.
– A comedy/satire much like Hitchikers Guide to the Universe.
– Looks at the fact that, even though technology changes people tend to stay the same, you can even still relate to the characters in silent films for that reason.
– Nicholas is a big fan of Star Trek and the idea of the future as depicted in that world.
How will our legal system handle the techology of things like cloning?
– Main characters in the book can upload software into their brains, like in Johnny Mnemonic.
– The computers believe that God must be software, like them. Makes sense since we imagine God like us.
– Nicholas is active on Twitter, Facebook, and even Reddit.

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