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This week Derek has a chat with Phil Edwards, the author and creator of the website, and book 'Fake Science 101'.
Show Notes

– Date – November 13, 2012
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Skpepticism Past and Future

– Scientology continues to melt down, as former Village Voice editor Tony Ortega documents on his blog.
– A recent Telegraph story indicates UFO enthusiasts seem to be coming around to the idea that there really are no aliens visiting.
– An updated version of Fishbarrel is now available in the Chrome store. Learn about how to use it at Tim's blog.
Pundit Tracker is running a challenge in which you can win Amazon gift cards or even a virtual pundit post simply by voting on their site.
– Truth Market has named Chris Mooney to its Board of Advisors and is running an Affinity Program from now to the end of the year to encourage participation.
– Skeptic History facts are posted daily on social media find out where on this page at Tim's blog.

Unnatural Virtue

Michael Shermer described his hallucination of being abducted by aliens in a Scientific American article.
– Some skeptics think those who believe they really were abducted by aliens share a personality type called the fantasy prone personality.
– Sheryl Wilson and Theodore Barber introduced the idea of the fantasy prone personality in a 1983 paper.
– In Imagery, Current Theory, Research and Application, ed. by Anees A. Sheikh, (New York: Wiley, pp. 340-390.)
– There has been very little research that has attempted to replicate or validate Wilson and Barber's work.
One study of 62 subjects concluded: "Low fantasy-prone subjects were no less creative or less responsive to hypnosis than their medium fantasy-prone counterparts."
Another study concluded: "Fantasy proneness and absorption [‘openness to absorbing and self-altering experiences’] were not found to be truly discriminable constructs."
One study found an association between fantasy proneness and vulnerability to schizophrenia.
Another study found no correlation between fantasy-proneness and alien abduction experiences, contradicting Robert Baker and Joe Nickell.
– Until further research supports the notion of the personality type, we should be skeptical of a label that has been applied to such disparate characters as Sylvia Browne and Emily Brontë, the one a gregarious, interminable babbler and the other a creative loner.
Joe Nickell used the fantasy prone personality to demonstrate that Pearl Curran did not channel the spirit of Patience Worth.
– Did she really believe spirits dictate books through Ouija boards and automatic writing? Labeling her a fantasy prone personality doesn't help us answer that question.
The Skeptics Dictionary and Skeptic's Dictionary for Kids.
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The Odds Must Be Crazy

The Odds Must Be Crazy.
– This week's featured story is, "The Lost Ring".
– Story was submitted by reader Shane Dopson.
Please visit the story link for a more detailed analysis and to add your comments.
– Additional thoughts and considerations provided by Barbara Drescher.
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Fake Science 101 – Interview – Phil Edwards

– Interview Guest This Episode: Phil Edwards.
– Former Wal-Mart Employee.
– Author of the Jake Russo murder mystery books.
– Creator of the Dumb Employed website and book.
– His latest book is Fake Science 101: A Less-Than-Factual Guide to Our Amazing World.
– This book is much like 'America (The Book): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction' by John Stewart.

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