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Over the past several episodes, Skepticality has interviewed some of the notable scientists featured in the new pro-Intelligent Design documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. This week, the last word on the controversy goes to Dr. Randy Olson, the biologist-turned-filmmaker whose 2006 documentary Flock of Dodos: The Evolution – Intelligent Design Circus examined the communication breakdown between the science community and the rest of the world on the subject of evolution. Dr. Olson strives to improve the reputation of science in the court of public opinion, where the Religious Right and Intelligent Design movements continue to wedge their way in by "teaching the controversy." On his "Shifting Baselines" blog, Dr. Olson was one of the first scientists to express concern that the well-funded Expelled was likely to succeed in selling its message to a tremendous number of people. The "dodos" of the blogosphere responded with incredulity. At the request of many Skepticality listeners, we're pleased to feature this week's interview with Dr. Olson about his controversial opinions — and about his new film, Sizzle: A Global Warming Comedy.
Show Notes

Date – May 13th, 2008 read by Swoopy.

eSkeptic has been running a four part series: Expelled: Exposed.
Expelled: Exposed is the NCSE website highlighting inaccuracies in the Expelled film.
Swoopy talked to Professor Richard Dawkins and Dr. Michael Shermer about Dr. Eugenie Scott is the executive director for the National Center for Science Education.
Most recently Dr. Eugenie Scott talked about the NCSE's Expelled: Exposed website.Dr. Dr. Randy Olson was a guest on Skepticality last year talking about 
Flock of Dodos..
Flock of Dodos: The Evolution – Intelligent Design Circus was released in 2006.
Dr. Olson is a marine biologist who became a hollywood film maker to promote science.
The blogosphere has been abuzz about Expelled since before it's theatrical release.
Dr. Olson posted his thoughts about Expelled on his blog.
His opinions were met with loud, and often abusive criticism from other bloggers.
Dr. Olson's seminar, "Don't Be Such a Scientist" is soon to be a book.
Science is losing the media war against Intelligent Design.
Evolutionists need to be more media savvy as a whole. 
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is being used to promote Academic Freedom bills.
States like Missouri, Louisiana and Florida are considering bills to introduce ID in schools.
Body of War and Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden are box office failures.
Body of War, highly promoted by Phil Donohue is in only 5 theatres nationwide.
Currently Expelled is still showing in nearly 500 theatres and has made 7 million dollars.
One of the best voices for Evolution was the late Stephen Jay Gould.
Promo – Skeptic Magazine
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed has been a success at the box office.
On the list of top grossing documentaries of all time, Expelled is currently number 12.
Flock of Dodos: The Evolution – Intelligent Design Circus is available on DVD.
Shifting Baselines is an organization dedicated to awareness of our changing oceans.
Sizzle: A Global Warming Comedy may be coming to a film festival near you.
The website for Sizzle will be live very soon, and we'll have more details.
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