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Neil deGrasse Tyson
 Bob Carroll, Bug Girl, and Neil deGrasse Tyson
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This week Derek sits down for a packed episode, by starting with an interview with Neil DeGrasse Tyson on his latest book "Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier", which tackles a history of NASA, and the issues which we now face ourselves with in regards to research and travel beyond the confines of our planet. Also, there is the debut of "Unnatural Virtue", a new segment by Bob Carroll of 'The Skeptics Dictionary', where he will be discussing some of the basic foundations of critical thinking and skepticism. To round out the show we have 'Bug Girl' who comes on to talk a bit about why someone whose main focus is insect study is also so highly involved in the world of skeptical thinking.
Show Notes

– Date – March 27, 2012
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– Theme song by Steve Seamans of the Daisy Dillman Band. Get the song HERE.

Skepticism, Past and Future

CSICOP was created at an American Humanist Association conference that started April 30, 1976.
– Lanyrd is a new online tool for tracking conferences. Skeptics can use it to list their events, many have already been entered
– Jenny McCarthy Body Count started counting on March 28, 2009.
– is a peer-review and annotation layer for the internet which got its kick-off last fall and will launch later this year.
– RBUTR is a another new tool in beta that allows skeptics to link their articles directly to the misinformation they are debunking.
– Skeptic History facts are posted daily on social media find out where on this page at the Skeptools blog.

Unnatural Virtue Notes

– First episode of the new segment by Bob Carroll of The Skeptics Dictionary.
– We rely on intuition and/or quick thinking.
– The mind doesn’t work like a recorder.
– It takes lots of work to overcome our natural tendency to trust our brain.
Science has taken a long time to mature.
Critical Thinking takes work, education, and lots of work.
– Some people have little regard for facts.
George W. Bush openly stated he liked to ‘go with his gut’.
Oprah Winfrey often gave a bully pulpit to promoters of bad thinking.
– In the future we will learn more about illusions, mind tricks, fallacies, and other areas of bad thinking.
– Bob Carroll is the Author of The Skeptics Dictionary and Unnatural Acts

Ask Bug Girl

Bug Girl blogs about skeptical stuff, and loves herself some bugs!
– She also blogs at Skepchick.– Is it Praying Mantis, or Preying Mantis?
– She has enough pictures of odd things people have ‘pooped out‘.
– Please use your Twitter account for good and use the hash tag ‘#askbug_girl’ and send them to her at @bug_girl.   

Interview Notes

– We welcome back out favorite Astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson!
– Neil will be taking up the role which Carl Sagan is famous for as the host of the next Cosmos.
– The FOX network will be airing the new Cosmos on prime time TV when it comes out.
– Current estimate is that the airing will be in 2014 due to schedule delays.
– Seth MacFarlane is a huge supporter of science and critical thinking, and is a producer and champion of the show.
– Neil’s new book is ‘Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier‘.
– Outlines the rise of our journey into space, and why we have ended up with our current situation.
– If you work FOR the President, you can’t actually openly criticize or ask for things to be done.
– Neil hopes that he can educate everyone to go out and write, call, and convince their representatives to do the right thing.
– Check out his podcast, “Star Talk“, which has folks from mainstream culture on to talk about science.
– He would love it if you followed him on Twitter, or even check out his live feed on Facebook.
– Thank you to everyone who has been purchasing books or Skepticality stuff from our stores.

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