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This episode Derek sits down with David Daigle, a leading member of the CDC preparedness team to talk about the CDC 'Be Prepared' Zombie campaign which has been rolling out since this past May. David relays information about how the CDC keeps track of upcoming threats to citizens be it a pandemic, food contaminations, and even disastrous massive storms.
Show Notes

– Date – October 25th 2011
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Skeptic History Notes

– Senator Royal S. Copeland was born November 7, 1868.
– The AMA created a Committee on Quackery on November 2, 1963.
– Journalist James Reston was born November 3, 1909.
– TIME covered alternative medicine on its cover on November 4, 1991.
– The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act was enacted October 25, 1994.
– Jacobson v. Massachusetts settled that mandatory vaccinations were constitutional in the U.S.
– The Anti-Vaccination League of America was created at a meeting October 19-21, 1908.
– The Vaccine Revolt in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was from November 10 to 16, 1904.
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– Dave Daigle is a Media Relations Coordinator for the CDC.
– Dave came up with the 'Zombie Preparedness' campaign, it even includes a graphic novel.
– The Zombie idea became a big hit on the CDC relations blog.
– Idea was about natural disaster preparedness and planning.
– Dave and Ali Kahn were guests at Dragon*Con Skeptrack to talk about 'these are the ways the world wil end'.
– For health, and other CDC alerts sign up for alerts via e-mail, mobile device, Twitter, or in podcast form.
– Dave was important in setting up the vaccine clinic at Dragon*Con and other places.
– Always consult the CDC vaccine guide when travelling and to be sure you are up to date on your shots.
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