Bill Nye
Interview: Bill Nye
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This week on Skepticality, Derek and Swoopy report in from The James Randi Educational Foundation's Amazing Meeting 9 with an interview featuring well known science promoter, Bill Nye.
Show Notes

Date – August 2nd, 2011 read by Derek.

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- TAM 9 was fun, but now Dragon*Con with Skeptrack is only a month away.
- As part of Dragon*Con 2011 weekend, there will be fun with Pamela Gay, Phil Plait and Nicole Gugliucci.
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Skeptic History Notes

James “The Amazing” Randi was born August 7, 1928.
- Skeptic Dr. Robert A. Baker Jr. died on August 8, 2005.
- Skeptic Dr. Karen Stollznow was born August 12, 1976.
- Susan Gerbic-Forsyth’s blog Guerilla Skepticism on Wikipedia gives editing tips for skeptics.
- The first Skepticamp was held August 4, 2007.
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- Bill Nye is now the executive director for the Planetary Society.
- When people are forced to not drive their car.
- How inefficient the transportation system tends to be in the USA.
- So many cars our level of service causes carpocylpse.
- Bill was a fixture up in the Seattle area on radio.
- Tide pools are just cool.
- Teach children by getting them 'hands on' to learn how nature and reality works before age 10.
- It is cheaper to get them involved early to save money. 
- Astrology is a classic example to show people how woo-woo 'works'.
- Good television is fantastic to show, and teach people about the world and science.
- Will we still call it 'Television' in the future?
- Watching television is good, but you still need to get 'out' and do stuff.
- The Chabot telescope above Oakland is still a great instrument even more than 130 years later.
- Using tools it is a great way to show people tons of proof of climate change and how we know it is happening.
- Nye's 'Climate Lab' project.
- The Myan culture went out of business, 2012 isn't the end of the world it was just a 'round rock'
- American Express is NOT believing the end of the world is 2012
- Even with the retirement of the Space Shuttle, we will still be part of the 'Space Generation'. 
- The planetary society is working hard to ensure we stay that way, the James Webb Telescope should do that.
- Human exploration is still the best way to explore space, people do it faster and more efficiently.
- With the retirement of the Space Shuttle, will that free up more money to focus more on climate change.
- Instruments in space are our best instruments to measure and monitor the effects of climate change.
- Science and Politics keep ending up against each other.
- We need to raise of generation of scientifically literate people, getting kids involved is the best way.
- The best indicator of someone becoming a science literate citizen is learning algebra and it is a 'cheap fix'.
- We want to save the world to save the humans.
- Educator buzz-words are many, but we just need to solve the problem.
- Nye was a guest on the television show 'Numb3rs'. 
- Nick and Cheryl were guests on Skepticality, and were inspired by a speech by Nye.
- He still loves his CalSci T-Shirt.
- Math is inherently cool.
- Nye was awarded by the National Humanist Society.
- To make a difference we need to write your representatives.
- You do not become a skeptic 'right away' you need years to go through the 'process' and requires discipline.
- Sharing ideas and techniques is one of the best ways to change the world.


- Bill is educating us all about how we solve for X – makes sense to me, even if nonzero rational numbers don't.
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