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Bad Clowns - Benjamin Radford
 Interview: Benjamin Radford
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This episode Derek chats with Ben Radford, a Skepticality past guest, author, and investigator. Ben has just released his latest book, "Bad Clowns". Clowns might not be your usual idea for a skeptical topic, but Ben thinks you might just change your mind once you delve into the history and stories in his new work. So, turn off the lights, snuggle your favorite creepy clown and join in for some Bad Clown fun.
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– Date – February 16th, 2016
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The Odds Must Be Crazy [22:50]
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Interview: Benjamin Radford [18:30]
– Benjamin Radford; Author, Educator, Filmmaker, Investigator, and Game Creator.
– Ben used to be the Co-Editor for the Spanish speaking version of Skeptical Inquirer named Pensar.
– Did they actually find/spot the Yeti at a Spanish ski resort?
– It *could* be possible that the Yeti likes to dress in ski parka’s.
– Skeptics, at their heart, want to bolster and help legitimize paranormal investigation groups.
– If one of these paranormal events were actually real, we probably wouldn’t hear about it via viral video or bad photographs.
– Later on in 2016 there will be a new re-boot of the classic movie ‘Ghostbusters’, will it spawn more ghost sightings/groups?
– It could be said that the original Ghostbusters movies started the trend of people using gadgets to find/detect ghosts.
– After all these years, there still has not been one shred of evidence for the paranormal or ghosts.
– Ben wrote an article about what makes someone give up everything to find something that is most likely not there.
– Ben has written one fiction book called ‘Merchant of Dust’, but he feels more qualified to write non-fiction.
– His newest book which just came out is named ‘Bad Clowns‘.
– Ben was surprised to find out there has never been a book on the topic of bad clowns before.
– Even Wayne Gacy didn’t dress as a clown when he was doing his wicked acts.
– The Gacy clown self-portraits and others like them are called ‘murderabilia’.
Clowns being creepy/scary has been around in pop-culture via books and movies for a while.
– The history of clowns has been varied from characters such as the court jester, to Punch and Judy, to the nutty in the form of dip clowns.
– Clowns have always been a ambiguous character, in their original court jester form they were all about the idea of the freedom of speech.
– The key role of a clown has its roots in being uncouth and insulting without the fear of repercussions.
The phantom clown panic from the 1980’s and 90’s was happening around the same time as the Satanic Panic.
– Police investigators who were too apt to believe the reports of children over doing proper fact finding lead to much of that panic.
– False testimony has been shown to cause many people to be placed in prison or death row due to a lack of solid fact-finding.
– Grab a copy of ‘Bad Clowns’ for yourself either on Kindle, or on Amazon.

Outro Music [33:00]
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