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Abominable Science
 Interview: Daniel Loxton and Dr. Donald Prothero
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This week Derek releases one of the interviews that he recorded while at The Amazing Meeting. On the first day of TAM, the new book penned by Daniel Loxton and Donald Prothero, 'Abominable Science', made its debut. So, Derek stole some time with Daniel and Donald to talk a bit about their latest collaboration, and get some of their impressions from their time doing the research into the many Cryptozoological topics packed into the informative tome.
Show Notes

– Date – August 27th, 2013
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– Mid May 2013, they managed to get the Neil deGrasse Tyson Wikipedia page on the front page of Portuguese Wikipedia.
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Skeptical Humanities
– Find more informat at the website: Skeptical Humanities.
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Interview: Daniel Loxton and Dr. Donald Prothero
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