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Derek presents another interview from his trip to The Amazing Meeting 13, a recorded interview with Dr. Dean Edell. Dr. Edell had an impressive array of popular media shows on radio and television over the course of his career. He promoted science based medicine to the masses and fought against shoddy medical reporting and pseudoscience throughout his time communicating to the public. Back in 2010 he announced his retirement from his media career, Derek got to catch up with Dr. Edell at TAM to talk about his retirement, and what drove him to keep fighting against anti-science, and to push well founded medical information when much of the mainstream media seems so lax to do so.
Show Notes

– Date – December 15th, 2015
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The Odds Must Be Crazy
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Stress and Relocation.
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Interview: Dr. Dean Edell [25:50]
– Derek is joined by Dr. Dean Edell.
– May have been the first syndicated radio talk show host paving the way for folks such as Rush Limbaugh.
– You can go back and listen to some of his past radio show archives here.
– Dean has now retired and is living the good life with his family.

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