Dragon Con Skeptic Track
Dragon Con Skeptrack 2014 Panel
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This week Derek brings you a taste of what you may have missed by not coming out for the yearly Skeptic events at Dragon Con 2014. A recording from the star studded panel, "Denying Evolution and Climate Science". Which involved Matt Lowry, David DiSalvo, Dr. Steven Novella, and Barbara Drescher.
Show Notes

- Date – September 16th, 2014
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Skepticism, Past and Future [1:48]
Buzz Aldrin punched Bart Sibrel on September 9, 2002 in Beverly Hills. It was being filmed for Sibrel’s moon-hoax documentary
– “Astronauts Gone Wild”. No charges were filed.
– Tim first blogged about his captioned copy of the video in a blog post in January, but updated on the value of captioning in a post this week.
Fans of the Skeptics Guide, the organizers of Brisbane Skepticamp and the Guerrilla Skeptics have all spearheaded various captioning projects for skepticism.
– Various techniques can be used to caption, but Tim uses and recommends the free service Amara.org.
– Skeptic History facts are posted daily on social media find out where on this page at Tim’s blog.

Wikipedia [12:10]
Susan Gerbic
– The Skeptic Wikipedia Project.

Skeptical Humanities [18:51]
Women of the Viking Age Kicked Ass, But That Doesn’t Mean They Were Vikings.
Martin Rundkvist, Aardvarchaeology, “Shield Maidens! True or False?”.
Skeptical Humanities.

The Odds Must Be Crazy [27:26]
- The Odds Must Be Crazy.
– This week’s featured story is, “Coincidence? I think so!“.
– Story was submitted by Skepticality listener Michael O’Dea.
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– Additional thoughts and considerations provided by Ed Clint.
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Dragon Con Recorded Panel “Denying Evolution and Climate Science” [33:40]
- Recorded on Sunday, August 31st, 2014 during Dragon Con’s Skeptrack.
– Big thank you to Mark Distler and the crew from Abrubt Media for the panel audio production.
Matt Lowry.
David DiSalvo.
Dr. Steven Novella.
Barbara Drescher.

Outro Music [1:34:44]
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