Interview: Sunny Fugate and Jeane Wong
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This week Derek gets back from his trip to the Skeptics Society Meeting and gets right back to 'work' by talking with Sunny Fugate and Jeane Wong. Jeane founded 'The League of Extraordinary Scientists', (LXS), a community effort to bring quality 'science-ing' to K-5th grade classrooms in the San Diego area. Find out how the LXS is determined to bring their proven method of delivering science into the classrooms of the youngest students, and how they believe they can make it happen across the world.
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– Date – June 9th, 2015
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The Odds Must Be Crazy [1:35]
– This week’s featured story is, “Monkey’s Uncle“.
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– Trivia: How Humans and Monkeys are Related.
– Trivia: Sir Isaac Newton.
– Trivia: Bonobos say no.
– Trivia: Maned Wolf.
– Trivia: George Hrab – Geologic Podcast.
Skeptic Society Conference, May 29-31, 2015.
– Monkey Jokes: Mon-key won’t fit.
– More Monkey Jokes: Baby Ape.

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Interview: Sunny Fugate and Jeane Wong [8:25]
The League of Extraordinary Scientists and Engineers (LXS)
Sunny Fugate [Philosopher – Scientist – Engineer – Innovator]
Jeane Wong, the founder of LXS
– Science-ing: /’sīɘns-iNG/ verb., the teach-ing, experiment-ing, explore-ing, discover-ing, hands on do-ing of science.
– Educators teaching young students to be THINKERS, CREATORS, INVENTORS, and MAKERS.
– LXS provides hands-on “science-ing” to Pre-K to 5th grade FREE to all schools and libraries.
– Adopted by-laws to give equal access to all K-5th classrooms.
– LXS will always be FREE to all schools and libraries.
ble use of classroom time.
– Gathered data from evaluations has shown overwhelming teacher approval of 4.8 out of 5.
– Volunteer scientists, engineers, graduate students and STEM/STEaM-loving parents who teach their passion right next to the in-class educators.
Running an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funding and awareness to their cause.

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